Privacy Policy

Legal privacy statement, given that this is a social site:

If you are under age 18, please do not attempt to register as a member of Partners For Weight as this site is intended for adults only.  If you believe that one of our members is under legal age, please click on “report”on that person’s profile page.

When you become a member of Partners For Weight we ask for personal information, which is not mandatory for participation as a member of the site.  We only require a first name or alias and an e-mail address.  You are welcome to share all other details about yourself and your life as you see fit, recognizing that this is a public website intended for a public audience.  Please do not share any information or personal data which you do not wish to share with others (e.g., photos, etc.).

You may control your privacy settings for this site under on the privacy settings page of your member profile.  Also, please report any privacy violations by other members by clicking on “report” on their member profile page. 

Please note that one of the key purposes of this website is for sharing of informationand communication with others, such that other users will generally see any and all of the information that you submit as part of your membership.  We cannot be held responsible for this information once it has been shared by you, via making comments, joining groups, posting within the forum pages, or anywhere else on the site.

Please note that some of the content that you share and the actions that you take may be shared and viewed by other members of the site, who in turn could potentially share that information with others.  Thus, please do not contribute any information, data, files, etc. which you do not want to be shared or viewed by others.

Our data is retained and backed up as a routine and standard practice of business, such that your information shared may be held in a computer database which we do not have control and cannot be held responsible for the storing of that information and data.

Please also be responsible about sharing information about others (e.g., e-mail addresses and other information about friends and contacts of yours who are not members of Partners For Weight  This is your own responsibility to handle other’s personal information responsibly.

We may try to contact you at various times via e-mail regarding announcements and other communications about activities taking place on Partners For Weight 

We track the actions that you take on Partners For Weight as a routine matter of operations of the website.  One reason for doing this is to provide our team to better serve our members, by understanding the use of the site so that we can make improvements in the experience.  As part of this tracking, we may collect information from the device (e.g., computer, mobile phone, or other device) which was used to log onto the website, and this may included your browser type, location and IP address as well as the pages you visit.

We utilize “cookies,” which are small pieces of data that we store for an extended period of time on your computer, mobile phone or other device, in order to provide a better user experience and targeted promotions for Partners For Weight  One example of this is storage of your e-mail address as your log-in identification, which makes it easier for you to log in when you return to the website.  You may remove or block these cookies using the settings in your browser, but in some cases this may impact your ability to use our website.

We do our best to keep your personal information secure, but we do not own the applications or the server where our website is hosted.  Thus, whenever you connect to our website we cannot be responsible for the personal information that our service providers may gather from you; this also applies to any links, advertising partners, and affiliates.  We may communicate with such companies to gain insights on our user experiences in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of the services that we offer.

You drop your membership from Partners For Weight Loss at any time, and we may change or alter this privacy policy at any time.  By using Partners For Weight you consent to having your personal information and data transferred to and processed in the United States.

Thanks for participating,

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